• BabyFormula app

    This app will help you mix water from two water sources with different temperature, to obtain desired ready to mix temperature.


    You’ll appreciate it on those late nights, early mornings or when taking your baby with a stroller, carrying your water beverages with your precious pre-boiled water. Don’t waste water, don’t waste energy - use BabyFormula mixing app today!

  • As easy as 1-2-3

    We care about you and your baby,

    Save time

    BabyFormula mixing app hot and cold water

    Step 1

    Boil water - Save for later

    Save your boiled water in two different beverages. Let one cool down, Let the other maintain temperature in a thermos.

    BabyFormula mixing app thermometer

    Step 2

    Before use - Measure the temperature

    Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of your warm water, and measure the temperature of your cold water just before use.

    BabyFormula mixing app iwatch

    Step 3

    Use your BabyFormula app

    Input your measured temperature into the app. Voila! Your ready to mix water is finished in seconds - Without hazzle or waste.